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Jesus Christ the Desire of All nations - Free eBook; Everyone Should Read

The Departed His Holiness Pope Shenouda III

On Heresies and Heretics 1st Edition Nov 2005: A Book everyone should read

A Book of Condolences and Comforting Words; 2nd Edition, Feb 2008

Wonderfull Feasts: Happy Thanksgiving: November 25, 2004

The History of the Flight to Egypt: The Virgin St. Mary's tree, Mataria, Egypt (Arabic)

The Departure of a Human Rights Pioneer: A Hero of the Coptic Cause: Dr. Shawky Faltaos Karas: Oct 6, 1928-Oct 24, 2003

Homosexuality: A Difficult Issue facing Church and Society in the West: Watani Internations: Oct 26, 2003

Hymns: Hail to Mary the Queen ("shere maria ti-ourw ti-vo"): English, Arabic, and Coptic Text

The Coptic Martyrs: St. Abanoub (3RD Century Child Martyr): 2003 Apparition in Sydney, Australia

The Coptic Martyrs: St. Abu George (14th Century Bishop Martyred in Assiut)

Coptic Studies Hold Key to Legacy: Alahram May 2003

Another Calendar from St. Mary & St. Abraam Church (Calendar 2003)

The Virgin St. Mary (Byzantine)Photo Album

The Virgin St. Mary (Coptic)Slide Show: Hanging Church Icons, 11th Century

Church Home Page Rita Zakko Christian Computer Art

Church Home Page Apostolic Churches Stand on Homosexuality: Statements by Their Holiness Pope JPII, Pope Shenouda III, and the Clergy of the Coptic Orthodox Church

Church Home Page Bigotry and Discrimination Against Christians

Church Home Page The Church of Monastics, Martyrs, Prayers & Fastings

Church Home Page Church Liturgies/Hymnals for all occasions: Annual, Advent, Paschal, Pentecost (English/Arabic/Coptic)

Church Home Page Church photos Album

Anba Abraam Museum Anba Abraam Museum Photos Album: Deir Al-Azab; Fayoum, Egypt

Church Home Page A Story Behind the Picture

Church Home Page Coptic Orthodox Church Major Feasts

Church Home Page Sayings of Mother Teresa (IN MY OWN WORDS)

Church Home Page The Visit of HH John Paul II to St. Louis

Church Home Page Middle East News
Arabic Newspapers

Coptic Links Links to Other Coptic Sites on the Internet

Church Home Page The Dead Sea Scrolls

Church Home PageMost Recent Articles/Publications

Church Home PageStories of Saints Published by the Coptic Church in Australia

Jesus Christ The Alpha and OmegaMy Favorite Person in the Whole Wide World:
Our Lord Jesus Christ

Church Home Page Coptic Charities

Icon of St. Mary The Queen of Us All.
The Virgin St. Mary

HH Pope Shenouda III The Teacher of This Century.
HH Pope Shenouda III

HH Mor Ignatius Zakka II The Patriarch of the Syrian Orthodox
HH Mor Ignatius Zakka II

Map of Egypt Land of My Ancestors.

St. Pachomius Library St. Pachomius Library
A Library of Ancient Christian Writings

See-Egypt.comWadi Natrun Excavations
St. John The Short Monastery

Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghaly Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghaly, Former UN Secretary General.
An Egyptian We Are Proud Of

COPT NET AlbumCOPT NET Archive of Icons, Pictures, and Photos.
Some Go Back Hundreds of Years

Bill's Home Page DR. Hanna's Home Page

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